Charlotte Tilbury: The Glass Complexion

Review of the new magical products from Charlotte Tilbury to achieve the cult favourite glass complexion..


Charlotte Tilbury has taken the beauty world by storm with her fabulously clever marketing, sparkly brand image and truly magical products. I was immediately drawn in by the glitz and glamour of it all when they opened their first concession stand in Belfast. I love shopping for lux beauty products because of the experience you get as well as the product, from the packaging and free makeovers right up to buying the product, the Charlotte Tilbury Brand goes above and beyond. I recently purchased the cult favourite Hollywood Flawless Filter and two products from her new Magic Away launch. This post gives a review on these products and how I use them to give a glass like natural dewy complexion.

1. Hollywood Flawless Filter

Yes yes YESSSS!! This product is an absolute god send. It's honestly everything you will ever need if you love a dewy glow. As a multiuse primer I used to use the ByTerry CC serum, but it was quite expensive and I didn't feel it gave my skin that hydrated look I was hoping for. Then Charlotte Tilbury released this product for half the price (£30) of the ByTerry one and honestly I felt it was so much better on every level for me personally. Now if I'm comparing the two the ByTerry was good for something to throw on your face for the gym, the Hollywood Flawless Filter ..not so much... because when worn all over your face alone it is very glowy and lets be honest, a sweaty look on top of a glowy look is just a bit disastrous... But come on is £64 really worth it for a product that you wear to the gym? The ByTerry CC serum has a huge following and I do still rate it but for me the Hollywood Flawless Filter puts this cult product to shame.

This is my first step in achieving a magical dewy simple everyday look with Charlotte Tilbury products. It is the the primer of primers, the ultimate base! At the moment I am embracing my paleness so currently using shade 2, but when I use fake tan I'd definitely reach for a shade 5. That's another thing, the range of shades is fabulous in a product like this, so if you do want that sheer glowy look whatever your skin shade, it's definitely achievable with this product. I love to use it all over my face, it covers my pores flawlessly for when I'm wearing it alone. I have sensitive dry skin with an oily t-zone making it such a struggle to find products to work with my consistently problematic skin, yet this product still works for me! No sensitivity, combats both the dryness and the oilyness and I haven't suffered breakouts since using it! When I use it as a primer under makeup, it does something to my foundation, I honestly don't know what it is, but makes it sit perfectly and adds this glow from within look. I've used Nars Sheer Glow and Chanel Vitalumiere over the top of this primer and honestly gives the most beautiful natural dewiness without looking oily. I would say if you have oily skin maybe stay away from putting this product all over your face as it is quite glowy but in saying that when I put it on my oily t-zone it really wasn't an issue as when combined with the Genius Magic Powder, it really combated any sebum. It also enhances the staying power and the overall look of the foundations I've used. Just when you thought this product couldn't do any more, with an extra touch on the high points of your face and body (think cheekbones to die for), you can achieve a beautiful subtle highlight. Trust me this dewy look is as natural as you want to make it, and it's not glittery or over the top as some people presume about Charlotte Tilbury products. If you love a multiuse highlighter/primer product that gives you a poreless dewy look then this is honestly your holy grail magic in a bottle...

New! Magic Away Liquid Concealer

Although the Hollywood Flawless Filter is beautiful do be aware it is still a sheer product so if you don't have perfect skin and suffer from the occasional breakout like I do, any spots will still show through. But that's where concealer comes in! Charlotte Tilbury just launched a new concealer, the Magic Away Liquid Concealer, which is described as 'the magic wand of makeup for perfect looking skin'. At the launch of this concealer Charlotte described the product as having an elasticity effect where it stretches across the top of the skin instead of sinking into the pores or fine lines giving a flawless complexion. It has ingredients such as wild indigo to enhance luminosity, anti aging ingredients to combat wrinkles and is thick enough to cover blemishes and dark spots without feeling heavy on the skin. Honestly, from reading all that it was hard to believe this wasn't more expensive than £24 but it is definitely worth it, I can't rave about this product enough. It covered up my dark circles and blemishes and feels so lightweight on the skin.

However! I will say this when I first went to purchase this item I picked up the fairest shade, which I normally am in every other concealer because I love a highlighting effect, but the fairest shade in this concealer is very very.. very cool tone white. Like I mean paper white. So needless to say I quickly put it down and went a few shades up to number 3 which matched a regular fair shade I would go for in a concealer. Though I have to say it's good to see Charlotte Tilbury really expand her shade spectrum to where not many beauty brands have gone. I use this concealer in my 3 step natural dewy complexion routine to cover up any imperfections the Hollywood Flawless filter couldn't. This is a very natural no makeup makeup look so I wouldn't tend to use foundation and I don't believe I need to with this magic concealer, shade 3 just blends perfectly with HFF in shade 2.

New! Genius Magic Away Powder

The final and most glorious step to this routine is another product from her new launch and that is the Genius Magic Powder to set everything in place. I don't know how long I've searched for a powder that won't take the glow out of my makeup, no cakiness or tightness and still set everything in place. Then Charlotte Tilbury waved her magic wand, (Literally) and made all my dreams come true with this powder. It still absorbs all the naughty sebum to mattify and perfect the skin but has this wonderful ingredient in it, bio compatible silky mica, which is what gives off the glow from within radiance! It actually makes my skin feel nourished and moisturised and look like silk, this will be down to the yummy tsubaki oil. That means I got no tightness at all after putting it on, I literally couldn't feel it on my skin. Not only that, after having the longest working day and out and about in what felt like all seasons (typical bipolar northern irish weather..), I went to touch up my makeup and it had stayed PERFECTLY intact, I've never seen a powder do something like this, not even my cult favourite Laura Mercier loose powder!! It didn't sink into my pores or start to break away but kept everything sitting perfectly. I was blown away by this powder and when reading how much time and effort Charlotte Tilbury spends on perfecting these products with the highest quality ingredients, I really feel like it's worth the money. I us the lightest shade 1 and use it to set my concealer as well as a light dusting across my face for a overall silky glowy perfection.These 3 steps really give that glass effect to the skin, just utter natural glowy perfection. 

Catherine Moore