The Perfect Plump Pink Lip

A pink nude lipstick and a type of lip primer is a must have staple in my make up kit. Being blonde and fair I feel like this shade is perfect for that everyday girl next door look. This tone with a sheer texture is the finishing touch to a simple elegant look, the classic 'English Rose', girl next door juicy kissable lips.  This is the lip effect classic to the likes of the beautiful Dove Cameron, pair the lip with a black winged liner to achieve her statement Parisian look.  I've listed below my 4 top lipsticks which give me that perfect pink plump lip...

But first.. Prime Prime PRIME!

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer - shop  here

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer - shop here

We have all been there. There is nothing worse than putting lipstick on top of chapped lips, having that lovely added crummy texture is just.. just no. I never go very far without a lip balm because I suffer non stop from dehydrated lips. Up until recently I've never really bought into the hype of lip plumping lip balms/glosses... that they were never anymore than a tingly sensation. It wasn't until I got a sample from Dior of their 'Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ' in 001Pink (£26) from their Backstage range, oh wow I couldn't get enough. I probably should've had more faith in this product before hand considering I had already fallen in love with the Dior Backstage products (especially the foundation omg..), but just couldn't see past the fact I'd just be paying for an expensive tingly lipgloss. But I was so wrong. I actually noticed a plumpness in my lips straight after application and gave such a natural pinky colour to my lips. Ever since then I've been obsessed! It not only plumps and tints my lips but it also soothes them while somehow removing any flakiness without exfoliation! Plus it has a yummy vanilla scent.. It is the first collagen active lipgloss on the designer beauty market which I actually would spend money on. I even put it above the Charlotte Tilbury version, which honestly just has no match on the effect this has on my lips. I have however found a cheaper version from KIKO which doesn't give quite the same effect but definitely worth it for it's soothing properties as well as tint.


Charlotte Tilbury -' Penelope Pink '

Charlotte Tilbury -'Penelope Pink'

Charlotte Tilbury - 'Penelope Pink'

Now I'm a huge Charlotte Tilbury fan so it's no surprise one of her products makes my top four. This gorgeous pinky nude colour was designed after the stunning actress Penelope Cruz. It is described as a nude beige lipstick with pinky undertones which creates the perfect pinky nude shade. It's from her 'K.I.S.S.I.N.G' range which, when first applied, gives a sheer finish and can be built up to a more satin finish. It's not only the perfect nude shade but it is also described as being a U.V protector and has light diffusing pigments to give the illusion your lips look bigger. Honestly is there anything this lipstick can't do?! Now one thing I find with this lipstick (..and all sheer lipsticks really) it won't last all day but I do find it's staying power is longer than what I expected. All in all even retailing at the higher end for £24, you definitely get what you pay for...









Chloe Lewis Beauty -' Naked '

Chloe Lewis Beauty -'Naked'

Chloe Lewis Beauty - 'Naked'

I must say after hearing that Chloe Lewis from TOWIE was bringing out a makeup line I was definitely skeptical, thinking it would just be another one of 'THOSE' celebrity make up lines... However after seeing the promotion that surrounded this lipstick 'naked' (which was sold out when I went on the website..), I was intrigued to find out what the fuss was about. There was an incredible hype surrounding her highlighters too but personally I like the lit from within subtle highlight, not the 'I can see you from space moonbeam shine'. I've never been a fan of intensely shimmery highlighters so didn't invest but if you like that type of glow then it could definitely be something to check out! It finally came the time when 'naked' was restocked and I quickly snapped up one before they were all gone.. again! It was described as being the ultimate nude and they weren't wrong!  It gives that exact pinky nudey shade is so gorgeously subtle for everyday but also enough buildable colour to give the 'I'm still wearing makeup effect'.It's a shade that just enhances the natural lip colour, especially if you have pinky undertones. The staying power and pigment  isn't as good as 'Penelope Pink' from Charlotte Tilbury but it gives the same level of moisturisation and just as beautiful pinky nude colour. Plus at half the price (£12.99), I believe it is definitely worth it if your looking for something a little cheaper, pus the packaging is just beautiful! Though I will say there is definitely much less in the bullet than I expected but the lipstick has lasted me months despite using it religiously.






Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in shade 202 ' Nuit et Jour '

Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in shade 202 'Nuit et Jour'

Lancôme L'ABSOLU ROUGE - 'Nuit et Jour'

This lipstick is very similar in shade to the Chloe Lewis Beauty Lipstick 'Naked' but with more staying power and pigment. This was the one I found most people commenting on and asking where it was from. When I think of Lancôme I never considered their lipsticks since Emma Watson was ambassador for the line 'Rouge in Love', definitely more pigmented daring colours which I loved to experiment with for the odd statement look. I just never found a nude shad forevery day that I really loved from the brand until I came across this.. I was scrolling on instagram and saw a picture of Taylor Hill with makeup done by Lisa Aldridge and she had this brown smokey eye and goregeous pinky nude lip. After further research I discovered it wasthis Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in shade 202 (Nuit et Jour). I had to try it and honestly it was perfect, although retailing at £25.50, I thought it was really worth the purchase. The hydration, enough sheer pigmentation, staying power and shade were all on point. Although being quite pricey it did feel incredibly luxurious and worth what I paid for. I have since run out but definitely will be restocking very soon!






Chanel Rouge Coco Shine -' Boy '

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine -'Boy'

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - 'Boy'

This wouldn't be my top four beauty of anything if Chanel wasn't in there. I will always always have a soft spot for Chanel because my mum and my granny both used Chanel products since I was a little girl, which is where my fascination for beauty started. Putting my brand bias aside, I'm not denying there are plenty of dupes at a cheaper price out there of this shade of lipstick but there is just something luxurious about wearing Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. I can't pinpoint whether its the texture or what but it's just a lovely lipstick to wear. People complain about the sheerness of it but that's the purpose, it's only supposed to give that subtle pigmentation and incredible shine to give the illusion of plump lips. It has a gorgeous gold shimmer running through the rosey pinky nude base which gives off those light reflecting properties. It's that type of shade which gives that 'just been kissed' look by veering veer towards the rose tone rather than pink. I must say definitely one of those lipsticks that would be a treat rather than a staple when retailing at £31, (most definitely paying for the brand name..) but I can't deny it is a very beautiful lipstick for everyday wear.